4 June 2015

In 2014, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF) issued an Education Technology Challenge.

 “As the knowledge economy grows, so must our province's support for the backing technology. AITF’s Productivity EdTech Challenge does exactly that. Funding is being made available to some of our best and brightest innovators.” - albertatechfutures.ca

This pilot program aims to facilitate the co-development of next-generation learning management and training technologies to accelerate skill development, increase productivity and improve safety in Alberta’s business sectors.

Opus Stewart Weir’s (OSW) Corporate Technical Development Department is working with Global eTraining on their next generation platform which enables subject matter experts to capture and deploy technical expertise to colleagues and industry partners. AITF’s investment provides up to $75,000 to develop and test Global e-Training’s Workflow Workbook initiative.

“The approach we are taking provides a clear advantage.” explains Evan McNeil who is developing and deploying custom corporate training at OSW. “Instead of single-line vertical training where a person is learning about a specific piece of software or equipment, the Workflow Workbook allows us to build training that follows a lifecycle process involving many topics and resulting in greater consistency in our workflows. Equally important is the resource we are creating that is easy for all personnel to access.”

Global eTraining is part of a group of companies based in Edmonton Alberta, who have been in the business of education for over 25 years. They offer a superior Learning Technology which has proven to be a very good fit for learners in OSW. As a strategic training partner, Global eTraining brings all of the pieces needed to effectively train OSW’s workforce.