Corridor Pipeline Looping Project

This $800M project is designed to expand the capacity of the existing Corridor Pipeline system

The project area runs from north of Fort McMurray and the Shell Scotford Upgrader, in the Alberta Heartland Industrial Area near Fort Saskatchewan Alberta.

As well as expanding the pipeline, the project included expanding the shipping capacity between the Scotford Upgrader and the Kinder Morgan Terminal near Edmonton. 

The project is traversing remote undeveloped forested areas interspersed with muskeg, settled farm lands and fully developed industrial lands. The total length of new 42inch diameter pipe installed will be 450km, with an additional 45km of 30inch diameter pipe to be installed in the summer of 2008 in the Edmonton area.

Our role

Our role is to provide a full range of mapping, surveying and CAD services to the project. Like the majority of our pipeline projects, Stewart, Weir has combined services with Meridian Surveys in the form of a joint venture, to meet our client’s needs. Those needs include support for the environmental and archeological consultants, project engineers, land agents and the project management team working on the project.

Our team provided new imagery, base mapping as well as land and construction related CAD services. Additional survey services provided included: legal, Crown Lands, control, pre-construction, construction, complete pipe logging and as-built surveys.

The team

Alberta Land Surveyors, survey engineer, CAD and field staff including engineering and survey technologists.

The technology

GPS, total stations, Optec 3D Scanner, GIS, AutoCAD, helicopters.


A major construction project of this nature requires a regimented system of safety meetings, job procedures, PPE and reporting. Utilization of helicopters, ATVs, snow machines as well as working around heavy construction equipment and working in a remote and wild environment impacted our safety concerns.