General Municipal Servicing Standards

This project produced standards to guide future municipal developments

The standards were designed to help our clients meet the servicing requirements for commercial, industrial and residential subdivision development within various municipalities.

General Municipal Servicing Standards (GMSS) provide general guidelines to help our municipal clients with the design and preparation of plans and specifications for the construction of municipal improvements and systems, such as roads, water distribution systems, low-pressure/gravity sewer systems, and storm water management facilities. 

The standards were developed with two goals in mind: 

  • To ensure our municipal clients are provided with a quality product that will go the distance over the whole asset life cycle, that is practical and cost effective.
  •  To minimize the maintenance requirements associated with land development.

The standards should only be considered minimum requirements. Developers remain fully responsible for the design and construction of municipal improvements according to accepted engineering practice and standards that address and meet the specific needs and site conditions of the development. Certain site specific conditions may warrant the use of standards that are more stringent.

Our role

Servicing concepts are reviewed with our clients and revised to provide a document that addresses the municipality’s existing infrastructure, and provides a framework for the design and construction of future infrastructure to enhance asset or system life expectancy and minimize maintenance costs.

The team

Technical experts from our engineering department worked with our municipal clients’ department managers on the initial review. The final product is prepared by Opus Stewart Weir and submitted to the client for adoption by Council.