Petro Canada Strathcona Refinery Conversion Project

All construction phases have now been completed

This $1.6 billion project converted the Edmonton Refinery from conventional crude oil to exclusively upgrade and refine oil sands feedstock.

Construction phases included: Sulphur in Gas unit or S.I.G, Edmonton Diesel Desulphurization unit, Hydrogen Recovery Unit and the R.C.P. or Refinery Conversion Project.

Our role

We provide technical assistance to our industrial services group, USW Gamma, in their capacity as site surveyors for the Petro Canada Refinery near Edmonton. Services include the establishment of control monuments and coordinates, 3D laser scanning with accompanying control surveys as well as creating digital land ownership and interest maps.

The team

The project team included land surveyors survey engineers, CAD and field staff comprising engineering and survey technicians and technologists as well as 3D modelers.

The technology

The project team use GPS, precise digital levels, Cyrax 3D scanner, Cyclone modeling software, AutoCAD and StarNet adjustment software.


C.O.R.E. accreditation is a program requirement, resulting in the development of a detailed safety program for the company including regular scheduled safety meetings, hazard assessment, job procedures and documented statistics. As with all activities on major oil and gas facilities, dedicated and trained safety staff work hand in hand with all field staff to create as safe a work environment as possible.