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Highly accurate 3D laser scanning surveys played a key role in the upgrade of this station

The Caroline Central Compressor Station used two electric driven centrifugal compressors to supply this plant with gas and to separate liquids from the gas system.

Upgrades to the compressors and the installation of additional equipment were needed and down time for the station was critically important during the upgrade.

Our role

We set up plant site survey controls and provided a highly accurate 3D laser scanning survey of the areas where the installations were to be upgraded. A 3D model was created from the scans and then exported into AutoCAD for the clients to use in design.

The project was a significant success for the client as not one field modification was required during the installation, and significant constructability improvements were incorporated into the base design during the detailed engineering phase.

The team

The project team included a project manager, survey engineer and 3D modelers.

The technology

The project team used Cyrax 2500 3D scanner and Cyclone software.


The Compressor Station is a work site with the potential for the concentration of hydrogen sulphide gas, so special precautions were required to work in the environment. Hydrogen sulphide training, special PPE including fire retardant coveralls and a man watch were mandatory. Field staff also had to use a site permitting process.