Sustainable Resource Development Resource Road Evaluation

For this project we helped the client to assess its options for a road development

Alberta’s Sustainable Resource Development wanted to evaluate 3 potential alignments for a resource road development between the area near Worsley, Alberta, north to the Chinchaga Forestry Road.

The area of Northern Forest, which Alberta's Sustainable Resource Development is looking at is remote, heavily treed and typically broken by significant river valleys.

Our role

We evaluated the potential alignments and gave a budget estimate for the various options. MPA Engineering helped our efforts with a review of the various drainage issues and bridge requirements for the options. We used existing aerial photography and the Provincial Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to provide background for typical engineering alignment sheets as well as a center line profile.

Once the potential alignment sheets were completed, a field inspection was carried out using  a helicopter to ‘truth’ the alignment, along with a conventional ground inspection of existing infrastructure.

The team

The project team included a project manager, Alberta Land surveyor, a survey CAD technologist and bridge consultant (MPA Engineering Ltd.)

The technology

We used GPS, aerial photography, DEM, helicopter and AutoCAD.


Most activities were office related with the exception of the field inspections. A review of the procedures when working with a helicopter was conducted by the pilot before take-off.