Telus Northwestern Alberta Road Move Coordinator

Keeping an eye on the potential impact of road & highway projects on Telus facilities

Each year, hundreds of kilometers of road construction are undertaken in Alberta by both provincial and municipal government levels. In many cases, these activities negatively impact existing communication infrastructure owned by Telus Communications.

Ensuring that the phone and communication structure is not interrupted by construction was the focus of this project, which has now been completed for the most part.

Our role

We provided the Road Move Coordinator role, which aimed to evaluate the potential impact on Telus communication facilities as a result of road and highway construction projects. The project area covered nearly 25% of Alberta and was located in the northwest quadrant of the province.

Each spring, the year’s construction projects are reviewed by gathering initial information from meeting with all municipalities in the project area, various Alberta infrastructure project directors, reviewing upcoming construction schedules, as well as road and highway design plans from various consultants in order to determine potential areas of concern.

We then had to decide on the solution needed for the particular site, and verify that the field work had been done. The utilities’ database was then updated to include the revised location and cable information.

The role integrated the additional services that we have historically supplied to Telus including FOTS staking, pedestal layout and right of way location.

The team

The project team included a project manager (EIT), field supervisors, engineering technologists, field staff and GIS technicians.

The technology

GPS, GIS (Telus’ “Image” software).


This project required C.O.R.E. accreditation – a program that requires the development of a detailed safety program for the company including regular scheduled safety meetings, hazard assessments, job procedures and documented statistics.