Winfall Aggregate Project

Works Alberta Ltd is developing a significant aggregate resource near Windfall Alberta

The project will use existing site trackage to position the products throughout Alberta.

The 942 hectare site is located near the Athabasca River in northwestern Alberta and runs for just over 12 kilometres next to the river. There are many interests on the site including oil and gas wells, right of ways, access roads and a rail line.

Our role

We surveyed and prepared the plan to accompany a Surface Mineral Lease (SML) application to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD).  We also liaised with the Director of Surveys and other SRD staff as a result of the various disposition holders and the nature of the existing filed plans for the area.

The survey called for the determination of about 13 kilometres of natural river boundary and the re-tracement and monumentation of 10 well sites, 6 right of ways, about 14 kilometres of access road and 12 kilometres of railway. In addition, over 24 kilometres of outside boundary was monumented as part of the survey.

The team

The project team included Alberta Land surveyors, CAD and field staff including survey technicians and technologists.

The technology

We used GPS, total station, ATVs, and AutoCAD.


The site’s remoteness and tricky terrain necessitated a reporting in process at the end of each day. Satellite phones were also needed as part of the hazard mitigation identified by the project hazard assessment.